Urban Fighter (2012)

The "Bloods" are the most intimidating and violent gang in the city. A lawless city... where gangs rule the streets... The vicious and blood thirsty murderer Slater is their leader. The city is his domain... he rules! There are those who are not members of gangs such as Mikey and his friends. Mikey lives on the edge, he is daring and always in t...

Released: 2012
Stars: Mike Möller  Volkram Zschiesche  Oliver Juhrs  Mathis Landwehr  Alister Mazzotti  Nico Sentner  Spiros Anastassiadis  Michael Bornhütter  Michael Braun  Najely Chumana  Thomas Hacikoglu  Sigo Heinisch  Bernhard Häfner  Alessandro Janus  Steffen Jung 
Director: Mike Möller
IMDB rating: 3.4
Categories: Action