Movies tagged with "Thriller"

Safe Haven (2013)

A young woman with a mysterious past lands in Southport, North Carolina where her bond with a widower forces her to confront the dark secret that h...

Released: 2013  Stars: Julianne Hough  Irene Ziegler  Jon Kohler  Tim Parati  David Lyons  Josh Duhamel  Giulia Pagano  Juan Piedrahita  Red West  Noah Lomax  Mimi Kirkland  Robin Mullins  Jasper Grey  Tora Hallström  Wendy Wilmot  Director: Lasse Hallström  IMDB rating: 6.7 

Criminal Activities (2015)

Four young men make a risky investment together that puts them in trouble with the mob.

Released: 2015  Stars: Michael Pitt  Dan Stevens  Christopher Abbott  Rob Brown  Edi Gathegi  Jackie Earle Haley  John Travolta  Morgan Wolk  Travis Aaron Wade  Alan B. Jones  Chris Haley  Christopher Jay Gresham  Bobby C. King  Tyrone Jenkins  Rex Baker  Director: Jackie Earle Haley  IMDB rating: 5.8 

Heist (2015)

A father is without the means to pay for his daughter's medical treatment. As a last resort, he partners with a greedy co-worker to rob a casino. W...

Released: 2015  Stars: Jeffrey Dean Morgan  Robert De Niro  Dave Bautista  Gina Carano  Kate Bosworth  Morris Chestnut  Mark-Paul Gosselaar  D.B. Sweeney  Summer Altice  Alyssa Julya Smith  Lydia Hull  Courtney B Turk  Joshua Mikel  Rosie Fellner  Lance E. Nichols  Director: Scott Mann  IMDB rating: 6.1 

Limitless (2011)

With the help of a mysterious pill that enables the user to access 100 percent of his brain abilities, a struggling writer becomes a financial wiza...

Released: 2011  Stars: Bradley Cooper  Robert De Niro  Abbie Cornish  Andrew Howard  Anna Friel  Johnny Whitworth  Tomas Arana  Robert John Burke  Darren Goldstein  Ned Eisenberg  T.V. Carpio  Richard Bekins  Patricia Kalember  Cindy Katz  Brian Anthony Wilson  Director: Neil Burger  IMDB rating: 7.4 

Death Note 1: Desu Nôto (2006)

A battle between the world's 2 greatest minds begins when Light Yagami finds the Death Note, a notebook with the power to kill, and decides to rid ...

Released: 2006  Stars: Tatsuya Fujiwara  Kenichi Matsuyama  Asaka Seto  Shigeki Hosokawa  Erika Toda  Shunji Fujimura  Takeshi Kaga  Yû Kashii  Shidô Nakamura  Ryôhei Abe  Michael Adamthwaite  Sota Aoyama  Ashleigh Ball  Chris Britton  Shannon Chan-Kent  Director: Shûsuke Kaneko  IMDB rating: 8 

Bridge of Spies (2015)

During the Cold War, an American lawyer is recruited to defend an arrested Soviet spy in court, and then help the CIA facilitate an exchange of the...

Released: 2015  Stars: Mark Rylance  Domenick Lombardozzi  Victor Verhaeghe  Mark Fichera  Brian Hutchison  Tom Hanks  Joshua Harto  Henny Russell  Rebekah Brockman  Alan Alda  John Rue  Billy Magnussen  Amy Ryan  Jillian Lebling  Noah Schnapp  Director: Steven Spielberg  IMDB rating: 8 

Léon: The Professional (1994)

Mathilda, a 12-year-old girl, is reluctantly taken in by Léon, a professional assassin, after her family is murdered. Léon and Mathilda form an u...

Released: 1994  Stars: Jean Reno  Gary Oldman  Natalie Portman  Danny Aiello  Peter Appel  Willi One Blood  Don Creech  Keith A. Glascoe  Randolph Scott  Michael Badalucco  Ellen Greene  Elizabeth Regen  Carl J. Matusovich  Frank Senger  Lucius Wyatt Cherokee  Director: Luc Besson  IMDB rating: 8.6 

Inception (2010)

A thief who steals corporate secrets through use of the dream-sharing technology is given the inverse task of planting an idea into the mind of a CEO.

Released: 2010  Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio  Joseph Gordon-Levitt  Ellen Page  Tom Hardy  Ken Watanabe  Dileep Rao  Cillian Murphy  Tom Berenger  Marion Cotillard  Pete Postlethwaite  Michael Caine  Lukas Haas  Tai-Li Lee  Claire Geare  Magnus Nolan  Director: Christopher Nolan  IMDB rating: 8.8 

#Horror (2015)

Inspired by actual events, a group of 12 year old girls face a night of horror when the compulsive addiction of an online social media game turns a...

Released: 2015  Stars: Chloë Sevigny  Timothy Hutton  Balthazar Getty  Stella Schnabel  Sadie Seelert  Haley Murphy  Bridget McGarry  Blue Lindeberg  Mina Sundwall  Emma Adler  Annabelle Dexter-Jones  Lydia Hearst  Brenna Perez  Jessica Blank  Ted Christensen  Director: Tara Subkoff  IMDB rating: 3.9 

X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

The X-Men send Wolverine to the past in a desperate effort to change history and prevent an event that results in doom for both humans and mutants.

Released: 2014  Stars: Hugh Jackman  James McAvoy  Michael Fassbender  Jennifer Lawrence  Halle Berry  Nicholas Hoult  Anna Paquin  Ellen Page  Peter Dinklage  Shawn Ashmore  Omar Sy  Evan Peters  Josh Helman  Daniel Cudmore  Bingbing Fan  Director: Bryan Singer  IMDB rating: 8.1 

Welcome to the Punch (2013)

When a notorious criminal is forced to return to London, it gives a detective one last chance to take down the man he's always been after.

Released: 2013  Stars: James McAvoy  Mark Strong  Andrea Riseborough  Johnny Harris  Daniel Mays  David Morrissey  Peter Mullan  Natasha Little  Daniel Kaluuya  Ruth Sheen  Jason Flemyng  Elyes Gabel  Robert Portal  Jason Maza  Jay Simpson  Director: Eran Creevy  IMDB rating: 6.1 

Viy (2014)

An 18th century English cartographer, Jonathan Green, sets out on a journey to map the uncharted lands of Transylvania, only to discover the dark s...

Released: 2014  Stars: Jason Flemyng  Andrey Smolyakov  Aleksey Chadov  Agnia Ditkovskite  Yuriy Tsurilo  Olga Zaytseva  Aleksandr Yakovlev  Igor Jijikine  Valeriy Zolotukhin  Nina Ruslanova  Viktor Bychkov  Ivan Mokhovikov  Anatoliy Gushchin  Aleksey Petrukhin  Aleksandr Karpov  Director: Oleg Stepchenko  IMDB rating: 5.4 

Triad Election (2006)

As election time nears, current Triad chairman Lok (Yam) faces competition from his godsons. At the same time, Jimmy (Koo) looks to increase his bu...

Released: 2006  Stars: Louis Koo  Simon Yam  Nick Cheung  Ka Tung Lam  Suet Lam  Siu-Fai Cheung  Tian-Lin Wang  Mark Cheng  Bing-Man Tam  Yue-Tong Pan  Andy On  Yong You  Brenda Chan  Yung Cheung Chan  Shao-Chia Chen  Director: Johnnie To  IMDB rating: 7.4 

Election (2005)

Rival gang leaders are locked in a struggle to become the new chairman of Hong Kong's Triad society.

Released: 2005  Stars: Simon Yam  Tony Ka Fai Leung  Louis Koo  Nick Cheung  Ka Tung Lam  Siu-Fai Cheung  Suet Lam  Tian-Lin Wang  Bing-Man Tam  Maggie Siu  David Chiang  Yong You  Chung Wang  Biu Law Che  Shao-Peng Chen  Director: Johnnie To  IMDB rating: 7.1 

Transcendence (2014)

A scientist's drive for artificial intelligence, takes on dangerous implications when his consciousness is uploaded into one such program.

Released: 2014  Stars: Johnny Depp  Rebecca Hall  Paul Bettany  Cillian Murphy  Kate Mara  Cole Hauser  Morgan Freeman  Clifton Collins Jr.  Cory Hardrict  Falk Hentschel  Josh Stewart  Luce Rains  Fernando Chien  Steven Liu  Xander Berkeley  Director: Wally Pfister  IMDB rating: 6.3 

The Suspect (2013)

Dong-chul is the best field agent in North Korea until he is abandoned during a mission, his wife and daughter murdered. Hunted and on the run, tor...

Released: 2013  Stars: Yoo Gong  Jae-yoon Jo  Sung-ha Jo  Eui-sung Kim  Seong-gyoon Kim  Hee-soon Park  Da-in Yoo  Director: Shin-yeon Won  IMDB rating: 6.9 

The Raid: Redemption (2011)

A S.W.A.T. team becomes trapped in a tenement run by a ruthless mobster and his army of killers and thugs.

Released: 2011  Stars: Iko Uwais  Joe Taslim  Donny Alamsyah  Yayan Ruhian  Pierre Gruno  Ray Sahetapy  Tegar Satrya  Iang Darmawan  Eka Piranha Rahmadia  Verdi Solaiman  Alfridus Godfred  Rully Santoso  Melkias Ronald Torobi  Johanes Tuname  Sofyan Alop  Director: Gareth Evans  IMDB rating: 7.6 

The Raid 2 (2014)

Only a short time after the first raid, Rama goes undercover with the thugs of Jakarta and plans to bring down the syndicate and uncover the corrup...

Released: 2014  Stars: Iko Uwais  Arifin Putra  Tio Pakusodewo  Oka Antara  Alex Abbad  Cecep Arif Rahman  Julie Estelle  Very Tri Yulisman  Ryûhei Matsuda  Ken'ichi Endô  Kazuki Kitamura  Yayan Ruhian  Cok Simbara  Roy Marten  Epy Kusnandar  Director: Gareth Evans  IMDB rating: 8 

The Purge: Anarchy (2014)

Three groups of people are trying to survive Purge Night, when their stories intertwine and are left stranded in The Purge trying to survive the ch...

Released: 2014  Stars: Frank Grillo  Carmen Ejogo  Zach Gilford  Kiele Sanchez  Zoë Soul  Justina Machado  John Beasley  Jack Conley  Noel Gugliemi  Castulo Guerra  Michael Kenneth Williams  Edwin Hodge  Keith Stanfield  Roberta Valderrama  Niko Nicotera  Director: James DeMonaco  IMDB rating: 6.5 

The Expendables 3 (2014)

Barney augments his team with new blood for a personal battle: to take down Conrad Stonebanks, the Expendables co-founder and notorious arms trader...

Released: 2014  Stars: Sylvester Stallone  Jason Statham  Harrison Ford  Arnold Schwarzenegger  Mel Gibson  Wesley Snipes  Dolph Lundgren  Randy Couture  Terry Crews  Kelsey Grammer  Glen Powell  Antonio Banderas  Victor Ortiz  Ronda Rousey  Kellan Lutz  Director: Patrick Hughes  IMDB rating: 6.1