Starred Up (2013)

Eric Love (O'Connell) is a 19 year old teenager who is so violent he has been 'Starred Up' (Moved to Adult prison) where he finds his father Neville (Mendelsohn) who Eric hasn't seen since he was 5 (since he was put into care). Neville tries to get Eric to settle down, so Eric gets a chance to go through therapy with Oliver (Friend).

Released: 2013
Stars: Jack O Connell  Gilly Gilchrist  Frederick Schmidt  Edna Caskey  Darren Hart  Raphael Sowole  Duncan Airlie James  Anthony Welsh  David Ajala  Jerome Bailey  Basil Abdul-Latif  Ben Mendelsohn  Matt Faris  Aisha Walters  Sam Spruell 
Director: David Mackenzie
IMDB rating: 7.4
Categories: Drama