Helter Skelter (2012)

Isaak Sirko learns that the Koshka Brotherhood has sent two assassins to Miami to eliminate him. Surprisingly he turns to Dexter with a proposition: help him eliminate the assassins in return for his life. Dexter's not too keen on the proposal and turns him down. Isaak acquires a trump card however: he's taken Hannah hostage and now offers him h...

Released: 2012
Stars: Michael C. Hall  Jennifer Carpenter  Desmond Harrington  C.S. Lee  Lauren Luna Vélez  David Zayas  James Remar  Ray Stevenson  Yvonne Strahovski  Geoff Pierson  Jason Gedrick  Katia Winter  Andrew Kirsanov  Dana L. Wilson  Sherman Augustus 
Director: Steve Shill
IMDB rating: 8.7
Categories: Crime  Drama  Thriller