Boy 7 (2015)

When Sam regains consciousness in the middle of a crowded subway, he doesn't know how he got there, where he came from nor his own name. He franticly searches for his identity, using the ...

Released: 2015
Stars: Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen  Ella-June Henrard  Tygo Gernandt  Yannick Jozefzoon  Joost Koning  Halina Reijn  Renée Soutendijk  Menno Van Beekum  Hans Dagelet  Beau Schneider  Marike van Weelden  Aaron Easterbrooks  Muzslay Eszter 
Director: Lourens Blok
IMDB rating: 5.7
Categories: Action  Sci-Fi  Thriller