A True Mob Story (1998)

A low level gangster in Hong Kong gains new respect after saving a boss's life in a gang fight. Despite his wife's death in this attack, he appears to be moving up in the Triad family until he discovers the other bosses are not looking out for him when he is double crossed and the gangster he previously hospitalized in the gang fight comes back ...

Released: 1998
Stars: Andy Lau  Gigi Leung  Suki Kwan  Mark Cheng  Alex Fong  Joe Tak-Chung Ma  Sam Lee  Chi Hung Ng  Ben Ng  Wai-Man Chan  Siu-Kei Lee  Tian-Lin Wang  Angie Cheung  Dennis Chan  Danise Chan 
Director: Jing Wong
IMDB rating: 6.5
Categories: Drama  Crime  Action