A Moment of Romance (1990)

A story of a bank heist that almost ended in disaster (for the robbers) until their getaway driver Wah Dee (Andy Lau) took a young woman Jo Jo(Jacklyn Wu) hostage. After preventing her from getting killed by his accomplices, both began a forbidden relationship causing mayhem and chaos for their friends and family.

Released: 1990
Stars: Andy Lau  Chien-Lien Wu  Kingman Cho  Joe Chu  Tiet Wo Chu  Yung Chung  Shui-Chiu Gan  Kuo-Yung Hsia  Chi-Ming Huang  Shirley Huang  Tung-Kim Hung  Lo Kam  Sandra Lang  Kong Lau  Shan Liang 
Director: Benny Chan
IMDB rating: 7.5
Categories: Romance  Drama  Action